Welsh National Opera House

Welsh National Opera House Cardiff, Wales

Our scheme for the Welsh National Opera sought to find a solution which offered the possibility of opening up opera to a larger public.  Our proposals thus created an Opera House within a ‘Foyer Circus’, the circus was designed meet the needs of the foyer on normal days when performances were held in the auditorium but also allowed for more impromptu ‘special’ performances for much larger audiences within the foyer and its extensions into the immediately adjoining urban spaces.


The ‘Circus’, was enclosed by thick and heavy inhabited rammed earth walls for two thirds of its circumference and was left open, or rather glazed, to Cardiff Bay on the third side.  This glazed wall was designed to open the foyer space to the bay when used for large public performances and a ring of lime trees completed the circle within the public space outside the building.

Team: Frank Lyons, Dominic Taylor, Gary Overton, Alex Skerrat

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