Olsztyn Concert Hall

Olsztyn Concert Hall, Olsztyn, Poland


The awkwardness of the site and the character of the immediate context; a site surrounded by high rise housing, suggested to us that we should create an introspective building.  The proximity of the existing Music Academy and the need to create links to this building gave rise to a form of building that has a crusty exterior and a soft interior.  The two buildings, old and new are invited to engage in a kind of embrace; the public spaces of both buildings being wrapped around an informal courtyard which can be used by both for drinks and snacks or for informal open air musical performances.  The story of the building is thus one of a journey from the toughness of the city to this tender heart of the building, and then on to the deep and hidden sensual interior of the auditorium.

Team : Fran k Lyons, Sam Williams, Claire Francis Williams, Alicja Andreasik

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