Bexhill Seaside Shelters

Bexhill Seaside Shelter and Kiosk, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex

The shelters adopts the simplicity and basic form of seaside windbreaks used on piers and seafronts around the British Isles.  The gentle undulations of the seats create both convex and concave forms behind and in front of a glazed screen which transforms the basic windbreak into both open and sheltered defensible places to sit.  If the seating is generated from the coastal features of the earth, the roofs seem to belong to the sky, echoing forms reminiscent of sea birds riding the thermals.  Differing combinations of two basic roof forms create a number of similar yet different shelters for each of the locations, which sweep upwards affording protection from the elements yet simultaneously creating a sense of joy on the seafront.  The fenestration of the glazed screens adopts a horizontal emphasis as a reminder of the 1930’s and Mendelsohn’s Pavilion.


Timber is the primary material used for the seating, roofs and kiosk, the boat hull roof forms will have a laminated timber structure, clad in western red cedar, and propped with slightly undulating laminated timber posts reminiscent of saplings or drift wood.  A limited amount of photovoltaic will be used on the shelters to provide up-lighting to the underside of the roofs.

Team: Frank Lyons, Kamran Khan, Alicja Andreasik

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