Robertsbridge Country House, Sussex

The brief for the house in Robertsbridge followed very closely that used at New Lawsonsteads. Here too was a house to be designed for a 20 acre estate, but here the landscape was very different to the rugged and tough landscape of the Pennines. The site for the house at Poppinghole Lane is located on the Sussex Downs. The ground slopes considerably but unlike the landscape of the Pennines, here the chalk hills undulate softly creating a much gentler context for the house. In response to the landscape, the forms adopted for the house are similarly soft and undulating. The curves of the main façade follow very closely the contours of the hillside and the remainder of the plan adopts the same language in the rest of the house. Although the form of the house is very different from the local vernacular the materials selected for the house followed very closely those used within the local tradition. Red clay roof tiles were used on the roof and the solid curving walls that stabilise the building in the landscape were the red clay bricks used locally.


Team: Frank Lyons, Laurence Rumble.

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