Geoff Baker celebrates the work of Jim Stirling

At the beginning of my career I spent several years working closely with Geoffrey Baker.  I have often said that he was perhaps the most influential teacher in my life.  We came together in one of those rare occasions that life sometimes offers.  I had finished my architectural education and was looking to find someway of deepening my understand of design.  I met Geoff and was immediately taken by the similarity of his interests but particularly by the analytical techniques he had develped in his Phd to facilitate that interest.  Geoffrey was influential in helping me to articulate my own position in architecture but he went on to publish several books that introduced his analytical techniques to the wider architectural community.  These books that have examined the work of many of the leading architects of the era have had lasting effects on many students of architecture both young and old and remain permanent fixtures on the reading lists in some schools of architecture almost 30 years after their publication.  His latest book the result of some 12 years work, makes a valuable contribution to that list.  It is a masterful examination of the work of Jim Stirling and his Partners .  Stirling was quick to recognise the quality of Geoff ‘s work, in the early analyses he made of his work, this book would not have disappointed him.  I would encourage all of you who seek to develop their own architectural skills to put this book by their computer or drawing board, it will introduce you to a series of architectural tools simply explained and hard to find elsewhere.  It is in the bookshops, ……….go get it.

Stirling's Book Cover    Geoff and Frank with book    

The Architecture of Jim Stirling and Partners           Geoff and I looking over the book together.

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