Sustainable Architecture & Design

The main philosophical idea of the Bristol architectural practice is encapsulated in its title ‘Humane Architecture’. Humane, or green architecture is an approach that seeks to enhance the quality of the environment for the occupants by creating buildings that are first, beautiful and secondly ecologically balanced.   Working with our clients to create a sustainable architecture with ecologically balanced solutions is important to us. Where possible we like to use passive energy systems, naturally benign materials and a general approach that seeks to give our buildings a light footprint in the landscape. Over and above this it is our intention to create buildings that are beautiful and integrated with their context. Eco design is an extension of an ecologically balanced solution, a beautiful building is not just well composed, but is rather a vessel that nurtures the users and enhances their activities. Buildings that achieve such aims can create for their users a still centre in the midst of activity, hopefully giving them a refreshed and revitalised view of their world.

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...we work with passive energies; wind, solar, water and earth energies.